A group of 20 founders with varied profiles and background reflecting the idea of transversality and inclusion of Joussour (bridges between diversities)
  • Experiences of some founding members in various political parties : NidaaTounes, Ennahdha, Al Moubadara et Ettakatol
  • Experiences and cultures coming from the private and the public sector
  • 50% women, 50% men
  • 40 years of average age
  • Aïda Assidi
    Aïda Assidi
  • Chokri Bahria
    Chokri Bahria
  • Zakaria Belkhoja
    Zakaria Belkhoja
  • Riadh Ben Jelili
    Riadh Ben Jelili
  • Lamia Ben Mime
    Lamia Ben Mime
  • Iman Chaabane
    Iman Chaabane
  • Anis Dakhli
    Anis Dakhli
  • Leyla Dakhli-Mital
    Leyla Dakhli-Mital
  • Radhouane Erguez
    Radhouane Erguez
  • Elyes Ghanmi
    Elyes Ghanmi
  • Moez Hassayoun
    Moez Hassayoun
  • Rym Jarou
    Rym Jarou
  • Elyes Jeribi
    Elyes Jeribi
  • Sana Karray
    Sana Karray
  • Fatiha Lamari
    Fatiha Lamari
  • Soulafa Lasram Mokaddem
    Soulafa Lasram Mokaddem
  • Amina Magouri
    Amina Magouri
  • Mourad Smaoui
    Mourad Smaoui
  • Khayam Turki
    Khayam Turki
Aïda Assidi

– Master in Psychology
– Activist for the Rights and Freedoms of Persons with Disabilities

Chokri Bahria

– Bachelor in Economics
– Master in Bank Trades
– Experiences in banking sector, paper industry and commercial sector
– Membre (2012-2014) of the unit of strategic intelligence among the Head of Government’s Cabinet, specialized in political and geopolitical monitoring

Zakaria Belkhoja

– Polytechnique – Oxford
– Director – finance and strategy
– Member of the Cabinet of the Minister of investment 2012

Riadh Ben Jelili

– HDR and PhD in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Bourgogne and CREST-INSEE
– Specialized in political economy related to development, Tunisian economy and applied modeling
– Director of Studies and Research at the Arabian Company for Political Risk Insurance and Export Credit Insurance (Dhaman)
– Former economist at the Arab Institute of Planning (Kuwait), Lecturer at the University of Rennes 1 and the University of Bretagne Sud and researcher at the CREST-INSEE

Lamia Ben Mime

– Judge at the National Audit Office and former member of the Cabinet of the Chief of Government 2012-2013
– Head of the Cabinet of the Minister of Industry and Commerce

Iman Chaabane

– Engineer Graduate from Ecole Centrale Paris
– Director at Lloyd Assurances since January 2013
– 16 years of International experience in corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and audit
– Certified Financial Analyst (CIIA)

Anis Dakhli

– Engineer graduate from Telecom Paris Tech
– 18 years experience in management and public sector consulting
– Professional experience in Europe (France, Spain and Benelux) and the Maghreb (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco)
– Expert in the Cabinet of the Tuisian Chief Government 2012-2015 (3 years)
– Member of the « Transfer Relay » project team – 2015 Government Transfer Project

Leyla Dakhli-Mital

– École normale
– Doctor and Associate in History, specialist in the history of contemporary Arab intellectuals and media
– Associate researcher in the Chair of History of the Contemporary Arab World at the Collège de France
– Research fellow at the IREMAM, Institute for study and research on the Arab and Muslim world, CNRS

Radhouane Erguez

– Doctor – Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) – Paris
– Engineer – Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) – Paris
– Deputy & General Director for 13 years Of several Tunisia industrial companies
– Member (2012-2014) of the strategic watch unit within the Cabinet of the President of Government
– Member for 1 year and half from the office of the Minister of Investment, then Development, in charge of major projects

Elyes Ghanmi

– Master of Law, PhD in Political Science
– Former diplomatic advisor to the European Parliament
– Administrator / Advisor to the Secretariat of the Committee on Foreign Affairs – European Parliament
– Diplomatic adviser to the Cabinet of the Presidency of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA)
– Co-founder and President of the Tunisian Institute of Elect Training (ITFE)

Moez Hassayoun

– Master Degree in public law.
– Teacher researcher at the University of law and political sciences of Tunis.
– Former Head of the Cabinet of the Minister to the President of Government responsible for the relationship with the National Constituent Assembly (2012-2013).
– Former Member of the office of the Chief of the Government in charge of the relations with the National Constituent Assembly and the People’s Representatives’ Assembly (2013-2015)

Rym Jarou

– Controller Of Public Services
– Director – Smart Tunisia
– 3 years experience in auditing and evaluating public policies and programs in the Prime Ministry (2009-2012),
– 3 years experience in sectorial strategies and reforms in the Cabinet of the Chief of Government (2012-2014)

Elyes Jeribi

– Polytechnique – Mines Paris
– CEO « Smart Tunisia »
– Former CEO Linkao (Tunisian french startup)
– Former McKinsey , Former member of the Cabinet of the Minister of infrastructure and transport 2011

Sana Karray

– Doctor in Management Science and Certified Public Accountant
– Audit firms (2006-2009)
– Assistant teacher at the Mediterranean School of Business (MSB)

Fatiha Lamari

– Bachelor in Marketing
– Former press officer at the Ministry of Health
– Former communication and commercial manager at the Tunisian Economic Forum and the newspaper Achahed Ettounsi

Soulafa Lasram Mokaddem

– Career at Tunisair in charge of Public Relations, Protocol, Communication and External Relations
– Relationship experience with the Tunisian administration, ministries, the presidency and the Prime ministry
– Bachelor in English, graduate in Italian, Spanish

Amina Magouri

– Bachelor in Accounting IHEC-Carthage
– Master in Accounting Control and Audit, IAE Lyon,
– Master in Political Science – Policy and Strategy of Public International Action from the University of Law Jean Moulin, Lyon 3
– 8 years experience in audit, consulting and training.

Mourad Smaoui

– Doctor – History and Civilization – Ecole des Hautes Etudes des Sciences Sociales (EHESS) – Paris
– Doctor – Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC) – Paris
– Engineer – Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP) – Paris
– Member (2012-2014) of the strategic intelligence unit within the Cabinet of the Chief of Government
– Member for 2 years in the Cabinet of the Minister of Investment, then Development, in charge of major projects
– 13 years experience as head and then project manager in IT management – Paris

Khayam Turki

– 25 years of experience as a consultant, financial analyst and company manager in many sectors: banking, real estate, commercial, media, etc. (Europe, Middle East and North Africa)
– Active in the civil society for 3 years (2008-2010) and in the partisan political field (2011-2014)
– Graduate – IHEC.
– Graduate – Institut des Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po)
– Graduate of the American University of Cairo