Why Joussour?

Why a think tank specialized in public policies why JOUSSOUR ?

  1. As in all democratic countries, political reflection is differentiated, even separated, from political action. The features, agendas and environments required are not the same, depending on whether we are in the political strategic thinking, in partisan or even institutional political action.
  2. As the country is experiencing a pivotal period in which its models are to be completely rethought and where the country’s regional environment is itself changing.

Hence an urgent need to think about the political strategies that simultaneously take into account these two upheavals

  1. As solutions to the country’s problems need to be sought in an inclusive way by building bridges of thinking (Joussour) between the politics and civil society, between coastal and interior regions, between generations and between political parties and the schools of thought.
  2. As public policies must be known and understood and debated by the widest possible audience in order to democratize and popularize their content. And this in order to influence as effectively as possible the public authorities, the various political decision-makers, public opinion directly or indirectly.