Towards a closer relationship between foreign policy and national priorities



In  its first report on  the need for a  national strategy,  Joussour  Center  has  shown that in order  to  address  major  challenges  and  serve  national  priorities,  rigorous benchmarking of foreign policy  is needed.  Strategic policy decisions should respect the following principles:

  • Be largely free from ideological considerations,-  Implementbasic national foreign policy principles,
  • Respond to the objectives of the revolution and transition to democracy.

To further explore this topic, the present concept note aims to invite you to think of  a key issue in this critical  time of the history of Tunisia and the   transition to  democracy, which is  that of  the relationship between foreign policy and the national  priorities agreed upon  on  the  promotion  of  democracy,  achievement  of  a  balanced  development and fighting terrorism.

Being a first contribution by Joussour in foreign policy, this concept note will focus on the key arguments and their logical sequencing without detailed analysis of second-degree ideas.

Joussour  will  publish  a  series  of  other  concept  notes  on  other  foreign  policy  issues, which  are  of  much  interest  to  Tunisia,  especially  on  the  situation  in  Libya  and   on international terrorism.

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